WSAD / Arrow keys for movement

MOUSE - Aiming the leaf-sucker

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - Hold to activate leaf vacuum :D

SPACE - For interacting with certain objects / advance dialogue

*There is a side quest chain outside of collecting barks, if you'd like to experience that, please do not go to Gamgam right away! The game will end as soon as you hand over the barks. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the support! 



Programming / UI / Level Design: Piotr Matyja

2D Art Lead: Issa 

2D Art: Saidbek "Ronuu" Davlatov

2D Art: Cheeru

3D Modelling: Stuart Axline

Sound/Voice /Audio Implementation/Game Design: Owen Cooper

Music and Ambience Design: Catherine Bevan

Narration: Noah Lanier

Writing: Jesaya Tunggal


Special thanks to:

Daniel Platts, for recording bass guitar

Jeremy Karam, for recording Jazz guitar

Le Pham, for voice acting

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsPiotr Matyja, ModKnight, Ronuu, ISSA, Catherine Bevan, OwenCooperSFX, Cheeru9, beesnorter
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Blender
Tags3D, Cozy, Isometric, Low-poly
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Everfall_1.1.0_Mac 84 MB
EverFall_1.1.0_Windows 68 MB


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(2 edits)

Uploaded a new build -- v. 1.1.0

- Created bonfire scene ending for collecting all the leaves.
- Fix leaf percentage only displaying while behind GamGam's house.
- Fix leaf percentage accuracy.
- Other various dialog and bug fixes.

Made a video


Nice prototype of the game, gives some Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley/Animal Crossing feel. Sahil said there are some minor bugs. I would add to the list:

 - GamGam said the dialogue with collecting bark and shaky-shake twice to me, collecting bark was spelled diffetently but otherwise it was the same dialogue

- Having to hold mouse button to gather stuff is kind of tiring after several minutes, if you were to expand on the game I would suggest adding a trigger (ie. hold LMB to suck, press X to keep sucking until you press it again)

- When collecting leaves getting the final few to get sucked requires usually some mouse moving in different directions, maybe it could be improved (more power/wider cone if less items are present?)

- Why does the MC have the Leaf Sucker on them in the first place? not a bug, but it's not expanded upon at all.

Nice job, keep it coming

Cute game! I like the quirky characters and the art for them. The music is nice as well. Gameplay-wise, collecting the leaves works well. It’s also nice to see a few side quests! 

Some feedback:

  1. For the voice dialogue that occurs at the beginning of the game, it would be nice if there were subtitles.
  2. For the collection rate of leaves, it would be nice if that was always displayed instead of in a specific area. (I think this was a bug)
  3. When text that is italicized or underlined occurs, you can kinda catch a glimpse of the “/u” or “/i” that sometimes appears when the text is appearing. (See 3:10 in the video)
  4. Sometimes the playable character will just disappear and come back. (See 10:30 mark in the video)
  5. In the video, I mentioned that I thought the leaf blower sound was kinda grating after awhile, but looking back on it, I was definitely being too nitpicky. Just wanted to mention that here. :P

Regardless, it was a fun time! Nice job!


Thanks for playing! And thanks for the feedback. All valid points.

We were aware of most of these issues but ran out of time to address them before the Cozy Autumn Jam submission deadline.

Hopefully we can patch up the bugs and also improve the overall experience a bit :)

Good game

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :)